Edgar Bones and his two siblings grew up in a small muggle village, though their wizard father made sure that they were always well aware of their magical blood. Being the oldest of three children, Edgar’s parents always had high expectations for him. He was to be smart, chivalrous and, above all, he was always to look out for his younger siblings. For Edgar, it was easy to live up to his parents expectations. In fact, it was easy to go above them and Edgar was what one might call a model son. With his kind nature his family believed him to be a shoe-in for Hufflepuff, however, the Sorting Hat had other ideas and placed him in Ravenclaw.


Edgar is a popular boy, to say the least. He has a big personality and a lot of spunk and it isn’t unusual to hear his booming laugh carrying through the hallways. Because of how he was raised, Edgar makes a point to go out of his way to help those around him and it tends to gain him more friends than anything else. He is the type of person to help someone when he sees that they are in need, regardless of who they are. A very talented wizard, Edgar is a peer tutor who takes on a little more than he can handle some days but ultimately always finds a way to balance things. He is especially good at Charms and History of Magic.

  • While the two aren’t particularly close, Edgar is very protective over his little sister Amelia. He makes sure to keep a watchful eye on her the majority of the time, even if it is from a distance.
  • While his good nature has made him many friends at Hogwarts, he tends to clash with Gilderoy Lockhart. He finds Lockhart’s arrogance off putting and they often find themselves butting heads.
  • He used to date Daisy Hookum. Things have been tense between the two ever since they split up before the summer.
  • Roommates: Caradoc Dearborn, Arnold Patil and open.
  • Future: After graduation Edgar joins the Order of the Phoenix. He marries an unnamed woman and has several children with her, but they are all killed in 1981 by Death Eaters.

His faceclaim is Chace Crawford and he is currently open.

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